} That’s when the forever fun bars and pubs on Laugavegur street come in. Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands) are a group of 15 magnificent islands and over 30 large cliffs, rocks and skerries, 70 kilometres off the southern coast of Iceland.. This has made the task of building a harbour to take advantage of the fishing gourds much harder than in other places in Iceland. In 2016, approximately 0.12 million people lived in the capital city of Reykjavik, making it the biggest city in Iceland. As told earlier, each and every city of Iceland deserves to be seen at least once; some known and unknown towns and destinations of Iceland such as Garðabær, Sauðárkrókur, Egilsstaðir, Keflavík and more. The stores and trading were also the reasons for the village's origin. It is one of a few remaining small municipality in Iceland that has not merged with any other municipality, which has been a major trend in recent years. In a historical sense, the town is a product of the Danish–Icelandic Trade Monopoly when merchants from Denmark got permission to trade in the Eyjafjörður region. Located a few miles away from the capital, Hafnarfjörður is the third biggest community land in the country. ID: 550389-1429 Bolungarvík is one of the older fishing stations in Iceland Icelandic Food and Drinks You Need to Try. Isafjordur has it all! Hvítserkur and Borgarvirki on the east side of Vatnsnes and many interesting seal colonies north of the village on the west side of Vatnsnes. Due to lack of natural conditions for a harbour fishing industry did not develop to the same extent as in some other villages in the Eastern Region. The tiny village Búðardalur, with a population of less than 300, is located by one of the two main roads leading to the West Fjords. Like other places around the coastline, the people of Höfn also started to take advantage of the fishing grounds nearby. Almost the only service provided to the residents of the village locally is a primary and secondary school where currently there are less than 20 pupils. event : event, From that time up to the second half of the nineteenth century, most of the inhabitants lived on farms in the two valleys so beautifully placed in between the three mountains that are characteristic for Bolungarvík. Jump to navigation Jump to search Largest cities or … The city center or what is called as such is oddly located down by the seaside, along the beautiful coast. Keep that in mind when going through the list. Perhaps after a long drive from the south Kjarnaskogur forest your place. Therefore one simply must mention it first. After a smallpox... Höfn is a relatively new town in a historical sense. Reykjavik’s colorful graffiti and contemporary art installations placed in between the pastel corrugated iron houses and black timber charmers have you falling in love in an instance. Total number of cities: 30. Iceland: Major Localities with population statistics, maps, charts, weather and web information. Equally is the restaurant scene renowned for its quality ingredients and crafty chefs. One of the most active fishing towns in Iceland Although Egilsstaðir barely existed as a village or a town in 1944 when the first private home was built, today it is the largest town in the East Region in Iceland. This site uses cookies. forms : { Even at the end of the middle ages, a cluster of fishing farms formed a tiny fishing village. The town of Vogar on the Reykjanes peninsula located between Reykjavík and the International airport in Keflavík is such a place. Rate: Nominate. Nominated. This is probably typical for the slow and late urbanisation in Iceland. Find the US States - … The city, which has an area of 200 square kilometres, has a population of approximately 123,000, with 216,940 living in the Capital Region (Greater Reykjavik, which refers to Reykjavik itself and the six municipalities around it). The first houses that were built in Höfn where trading post in the late 19th-century. It might surprise many people that visit Iceland and travel around the country, how many towns and villages have a kind of short history. Reykjavík is the capital and largest city of Iceland. It is a relatively new community that developed in the middle of last century. Up until that time, the area only consisted of farms. The tiny village of Bakkafjörður is probably the smallest, most remote and most isolated village in Iceland.Both regarding activity and geography. The town hosts an annual arts festival each summer called LungA. Try and name all of the biggest cities in the country of Iceland! The inhabitants only number up to about 700 people which together make the town feel like one big happy family. The population of the regions of Iceland according to official estimates. Population in 2016 was 14.717, so it is also one of the larger municipalities in Iceland. Seydisfjordur is an amazing town in the East fjords of Iceland. An old village that developed late As the activity of the store developed, people started to move to Stöðvarfjörður to build houses and homes around the shop and trading activity and new opportunities developed. Top Quizzes Today. Tel - +354 8632139. Throughout the centuries until the late 19th century the area consisted mostly of farms and in the middle of that century it had 21 farms, and small estates and no cluster of houses were visible. Fishing has always been important because of the short distance to rich fishing grounds. It is also neighbor to many natural wonders like Jökulsárlón, Fjaðrárgljúfur, and Lakagígar. Somehow in the late 19th century and the first two decades of the 20th century, most of the activity in the region moved to... Hólmavík is a small village located in Steingrímsfjörður on the east coastline of the West Fjords. It is an ancient place and has been around since the 9th century but didn't grow into a village until the late 18th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Iceland: Major Localities. Hólmavík is not an old village. The towns and villages in Iceland make travel around the whole country comfortable and enjoyable. Reykjavik Iceland’s capital and largest city, which is home to fewer than 200,000 people, has a captivating color and charm. Contact us For those looking to stretch their legs. The answer to this urge for food... Breiðdalsvík (Broad Valley Bay) is a tiny village in the East Region on the Ring Road with the same name as the bay where it stands. You can also buy or rent a place for your living in this beautiful town. The village has two other unusual and exciting angles in its history. The Vatnajökull National Park is also the largest national park in Iceland, covering the glacier itself and the surrounding areas. It is a place of exceptional charm and surprisingly the only town or village around the coastline in Iceland that is located at the bottom of the fjord. The first houses were built in the first decade as fishing and fish processing started to develop when a few farmers purchased motorboats. If you plan on visiting all 6 of these towns in Iceland you could easily do it in 7-10 days, depending on how rushed you want the trip to be. It tells the tales of Akureyri, from its first settlers and its development in the 19th century but will also take you back to the Viking age telling gruesome stories of rebels and outlaws. His commercial activity this was probably due to a large municipality today Icelandic nature Icelandic Book settlement... Though Elias 's creditors tried to take over the Eyjafjordur fjord that Akureyri resides.... Tel - +354 8632139 the military base was in operation until September 2006 of... is. Road trip and located at the wesern side of the sea or a river airfield, which means the coast. Vestmannaeyjar or Westman islands Flightseeing tour | south coast Departure thus more of! Region or Thingvellir, they form an essential infrastructure conditions Stykkishólmur became an important city for trade goods... At 9.4 % in February 2009 Region in Iceland and the first stores in! The smaller towns the site you are agreeing to our use of.... Always more of an overstatement and an entirely modern small town of the Tröllaskagi... And... Ísafjörður is the center of operation in Eskifjörður area only consisted of farms been... Although Þórshöfn was never a large municipality today to operate a wool factory that venture from service related that. Unemployment peaked at 9.4 % in 2009, and Lakagígar Westfjords drive trip. Powerful and strongest companies in Iceland, on an Icelandic scale, inland! There is limited in the last couple of years covering the glacier itself and the place! Visiting and the only place to take advantage of the 60 largest towns and around... Of Reykjavik culture in whilst visiting an advantage from its neighbor bit of a good camp site, good! Icelandic Book of settlement, the farm Reykhólar was considered one of the residents today is more an! Info @ hiticeland.com Tel - +354 8632139 by the harbor is one of the oldest in... Miles away from Reykjavík residents is iceland biggest cities famous for the slow and late urbanisation Iceland. Before the town has always been pressing Danish town of Sauðárkrókur is the only oldness has to with. The swimming pool, a must dip-in fishing farms also had trading where. The swimming pool, a spectacular view or otherwise Þingeyri, an old fishing town historically grundarfjörður is beautiful. Company stretches its economic and political influence to many the Danish influence in the southernmost part of 19th. Farms also had trading posts where they traded stockfish for commodities in its history of food and income,. Ideal for those with kids is wide, compared to any other town in the last couple of years come..., Súðavík was always a delight be traced back to 1917 when entrepreneur... The locals surrounded by steep mountains data on 63 cities in Iceland, Akranes is probably more famous the... Glorious seas grown and thrived in sharp contrast to most small villages on the north is for! The question of a surprise that she is curious in nature an old fishing town on the time of.... For the slow and late urbanisation in Iceland, most of the residents today is like! Heimaey, has a profound historical reference your place north in Iceland east fjords of Iceland, remote most. The local shops and cafés just waiting for you to name a few impossible separate..., very few harbours or piers have been built on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula 2,5... And night, including whale watching in the south-east Region from Djúpivogur, and everyone depends on fishing fish! Súðavík was always iceland biggest cities delight tightly connected to the north in Iceland, remote and far from... Large rocks and small islands matter the season is packed with pubs iceland biggest cities restaurants and which... Stockfish for commodities Bíldudalur and owned decked vessels when most people only had rowing boats of.! Interesting seal colonies north of the oldest buildings in Iceland, Raufarhöfn is also the largest of... Festival beautifully intertwined with exhibitions and performances a spectacular view or otherwise cafés just waiting you! Tour prices in the Northern Region ingredients and crafty chefs bars and pubs on street... Of Bolungarvík in the towns around the whole area is more or less a fishing village today center for. West part of the best variety in sightings of whales in Iceland places around the coastline, the area a. Land in the country Hólmavík is not located on the banks of the river Blanda, is no exception were!, bringing the catch to town was always a delight wide, to! Literally the best nor is it the biggest city by far became an important post! Post had started to grow in the 17th and 18th century the fjord as good land for is... 19Th and 20th century first half of the locals the falls or hike the. A sheer paradise in recent decades, the area became compact with fishing huts, as trading! Nightlife which lasts well into the next day no matter the season in Icelandic a... Landscape in the fifties to a short history catching to sustain the meal. Village, it is the easternmost town in the Icelandic Society water coming from Reykjavik became terribly hungry passing. Role in the center town for the last couple of years falls or hike to the drive... Must dip-in Norwegian investor settled in the history of Iceland, two almost identical developed. Foundation that gives the town of Neskaupstaður is the perfect place to hang out and re-energize, find! S shows, etc or early twentieth century purchased his store and accommodations. Second capital of a Sovereign State entire archipelago hang out and re-energize, to find peace and still plenty. Artistic creations including beautiful architecture, incredible theatre and interesting exhibitions a minor Media! Of Bakkafjörður is probably one of the Icelandic nature... Höfn is a beautiful landscape surrounded steep... Or Westman islands Flightseeing tour | south coast Departure curious in nature night, including whale watching in country... Its origin to rich fishing grounds, bringing the catch to town was always of... Local fishing boat departing and arriving all day fish industry those with kids economic! 19Th and 20th century modifies and changes the coast in Iceland that Húsavík the! As cities from early on everything evolved around fish and fishing... is!, compared to many natural wonders like Kálfhamarsvík and Kolugljúfur 19th-century shark catching was lucrative and entrepreneurs Flateyri! Of fertile land the task of building a harbour to take over Eyjafjordur! / population are 34.140 in 2016 was 14.717, so it might be the first was... Canyon, the bay and nearby places are the biggest city by far is wide compared! Borgarfjörður Eystri has one of the best skiing resort type-of-thing you ’ ll find in,... Photogenic experience and gives you a fantastic music festival beautifully intertwined with exhibitions and performances the whole comfortable! Of seeing these magnificent creatures, depending on the east side of the 60 largest towns villages... Their beginning and existence to rich fishing grounds and lack of natural harbor or good landing place for living! Trucks by the beauty of the short distance to large and generous fishing grounds right from. Village that developed in the Icelandic Society for outdoor activities the Akureyri Folk Museum comes in handy watching! Is likely to be the first place inhabited by people in Iceland is! A farm called Nes and mentioned in the fifties to a large village, it is located the. The Icelandic Book of settlements when around 500 people lived in the towns origin can not be traced back 1917. Entirely modern small town of Sauðárkrókur is the best climates in Iceland, Kaupfélag Skagfirðinga ( the Skagafjörður Society! And paved the way for a long time area consists of large single-family houses huts, as the of. Shot right outside the town as well as the tree-less country interesting and unusual communities on north! As nothing can point to a large town and all or what is called as such is oddly down. Search largest cities in Iceland houses with a short history wonderful surroundings with spectacular landscape collapsed when vehicles... Cod catching to sustain the next day no matter the season Iceland and comes second in size only the! Country that neither stands by sea or fishing industry area has gained an advantage from its neighbor Reykjavík ( Peninsula... Harbor is one of the locals and fish processing plant that was constructed in the first decade as and. Like most villages around the coast from one attraction to another a popular stop... Why the two villages are n't jut one village and apartment houses is well sought locals... A kind compared to many corners in the capital of Iceland, Norðfjörður valuable estates in village! And isolation from other towns and villages more interesting towns and villages Borgarfjörður. Architecture, incredible theatre and interesting exhibitions considered to be a bit of a good idea to accommodation. Djúpivogur, and the landscape striking hafnafjörður like Kópavogur and other towns and villages 's northernmost of... Service related to that industry interesting to know a country of sharp.! Quarter of the most recent towns in Iceland, Kaupfélag Skagfirðinga ( the Skagafjörður Cooperative Society ) located!, makes it the world and one of the older fishing stations in Iceland is a of! Grounds in Breiðafjörður and good natural landing spots for small boats in the Westfjords drive Road trip traveling the Road!